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    Mid series 22/8

     Compact hand unit for targeted weed control with 100% hot water.

     Capacity:  2.500 m2/day, 22 ha per season, 8 litres per minute
     Hand lance, max. 45 metre hose, 16-20 m hot water hose

    Accurate, and constant temperature control ( 98ºC);

    • Can also be used for high pressure cleaning (e.g. walls, benches and artworks);
    • Durable and outdoor proof;
    • No foam additive needed (cost-saving);
    • No noise, damage or burning hazards;
    • Ergonomic lightweight hand lance and hose;
    • Standard water line connection;
    • Anti-scale pump to prevent scale deposits;
    • Easy to load and unload with forklift;
    • Self-contained energy supply (no external generator needed);
    • Use of surface water possible.

    For machine specifications: info@heatweed.com


    september 16, 2013